New Equipment Installed

Sparton has invested in a new Surface Mount Technology line (SMT) further enhancing our technological and manufacturing capabilities. These improvements provide our customer’s additional services related to manufacturing capabilities, quality, and delivery.

Here’s an overview of the new equipment and the benefits it will provide:

  • DEK – Neo Horizons Screen Printer – Advanced Camera System, under stencil cleaning and improved cycle time.
  • Koh Young – Automated Solder Paste Inspection – The system eliminates the critical shadow problem that all 3D SPI systems can be vulnerable to. Additionally, the new KY8030-3 has solved the PCB Warp problem that seriously impacts inspection accuracy and reliability.
  • SIPLACE – Component Placement Machines. Improved component placement accuracy and speed with improved capability of placement down to 01005.
  • Kurtz Ersa Reflow Oven – 10 Zone ensures repeatability, efficient heat transfer, and low energy consumption.
  • Koh Young Zenith Lite AOI – 3D Automated Optical Inspection with measurement

Benefits for Customers and Operators

Customer Benefits

  • Improved quality
  • Superior accuracy and repeatability
  • Increased capacity
  • Efficiency and productivity upgrades

Operator Benefits

  • Reduced errors
  • Higher yields through increased test functionality
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Simplifies the procedure to achieve the most effective process flow

The combined benefits to operators and employees alike enable the new equipment to output better quality products that are delivered more quickly with less machine downtime all of which, translates to lower product costs.