Sparton Production System

The Sparton Production System (SPS) is our overall management philosophy, the blueprint for our daily activities and the map for operating every aspect of our business. It is the “how” that helps us accomplish our objectives and create value for our clients. Essentially, everything we do as a company and every action we take is measured against the six elements of the Sparton Production System. Those elements are:

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A Commitment to Safety

Safety is the foundation on which we’ve built our production system, because we cannot function consistently and efficiently over time without it. While there are several modules of safety in our Sparton Production System, the following are just two specific examples:
Risk Analysis and Mitigation (RAM) Matrix – Using a Likert scale to produce a numerical gauge of frequency, likelihood and severity of risks, so that we can be productive in reducing injuries on the manufacturing floor. Potential Accidents I’ve Noticed (PAIN) Tracking – Employees are encouraged to discuss issues immediately with supervisors and are also asked to submit a PAIN form – even if the short-term issue has been addressed. Unique tracking numbers are assigned to each event and larger patterns and trends can reveal recurring safety issues.


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A Never-Ending Effort to Drive Down Cost

As a contract manufacturer with hundreds of clients, we are concerned not only with our bottom line, but theirs as well. We do this by continuously driving out inefficiencies and waste through our operations, research and development, engineering and manufacturing activities. The general element of cost is segmented into three areas:
Manufacturing, engineering and strategy includes modules for manufacturing support processes, such as lean enterprise planning, capital expenditure authorization processes and capacity planning tasks. R&D and product engineering includes a focus on process and product innovation as well as automation and materials monitoring. Operational stability includes a focus on ensuring that financial resources are optimized and available when needed.


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A Culture Committed to the Highest Levels of Quality

We produce devices and products for the most demanding customers in the most highly regulated markets, including Medical & Biotechnology, Military & Aerospace and Industrial & Commercial. Their standards – and ours – are incredibly high because of what is at stake with the products we manufacture. We build quality into every aspect of our company through design, planning, control and improvement. We strive to be best-in-class in:
External PPM Scrap Rework Cost


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Lean Inventories and Timely Delivery

The goal of delivery is to provide our clients with their products on time, every time, while eliminating excess inventory that can consume company cash that could be put to better use. We manufacture only what is needed, when it is needed and in the amount that is needed to benefit both Sparton and our clients with savings.


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A Commitment to Our People

A critical component to SPS is our flexible, capable and highly motivated team. The success of our processes would not be possible without our dedicated people. We ensure our clients’ needs are best met through low employee turnover and low absenteeism, and bolstered by outstanding performance.


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A Focus on the Future

It is important for Sparton to serve not only its current clients, but also to look for long-term, profitable growth that is sustainable.. We are constantly seeking additional long-term, mutually beneficial and profitable relationships with other prospects.

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